Route Servers

LINX maintains route servers at each of the Peering LANs allowing members to establish multilateral peering with other participants.

Connect to the Route Servers

The Route Servers use both Quagga and BIRD distrubutions with the Gentoo Linux distribution.

Technical Details are as follows:

Policy Control

Policy control is done by use of BGP Standard Communities and BGP Extended Communities. Members may tag their routes with the following to control policy via the route server.

The model is as follows:

If none of the above communities is present then the default behaviour is to advertise the prefix to all peers.

Prefix Validation

LINX is validating prefixes at ingress on all route servers. The validation is based on IRR Object presence.
We build a list of valid origin ASN and prefixes based on route objects. Refines/more specifics of valid route objects are rejected.

We are looking for a valid AS-SET in the members PeeringDB record. If no valid AS-SET is found, we use the members ASN only, unless the member has provided us other information.

The results fo the validation is reflected in communities which are being added at ingress:

8714:65011 = Prefix is present in an AS's announced AS/AS-SET

8714:65021 = Prefix is not present in an AS's announced AS/AS-SET

8714:65010 = Prefix has valid Origin AS in AS-SET

8714:65020 = Prefix has no valid Origin AS in AS-SET

The prefix validation will always occur, and members can check the communities being set to their prefixes, and as such see the result of the validation checks through the route server looking glass interface.

At egress, we filter prefixes that have failed the validation.

Any member who prefers to receive an unfiltered set of prefixes can request to opt-out of the filtering by contact our NOC at

Looking Glass

Looking Glass for route-servers is now accessible.

Vendor Issues


There have been some issues in establishing peering sessions where Cisco route-server clients do not like to receive updates from the route-server where the first AS in the path is not the route-server AS. This results in the route-server client dropping the session. A similar entry as shown below should be seen in your log buffer.

Sep 1 08:40:40.498 UTC: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Up
Sep 1 08:40:41.506 UTC: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Down BGP Notification sent
Sep 1 08:40:41.506 UTC: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: sent to neighbor 3/11 (invalid or corrupt AS path) 11 bytes 40020802 033C3424 580097

To work around this please use 'no bgp enforce-first-as' in your router configuration.


On all Juniper routers, we need to add addtional config to the peer configuration for v6 peerings only. This is based on a timing issue. The command we add is:

 neighbor [peer ipv6 address] timers 30 90

Please let us know if you have a Juniper router that you are connecting to the route-servers. If members are having trouble peering with the route servers please contact support.

For more information on Route Server statistics, please look at

Route Server Peers at LINX

NB: This page only lists established sessions

ASN Member Route Servers