Route Servers

LINX maintains route servers at each of the Peering LANs allowing members to establish multilateral peering with other participants.

Connect to the Route Servers

The Route Servers use the BIRD distribution with the Ubuntu Server Linux distribution.

Technical Details are as follows:

Policy Control

Policy control is done by use of BGP Standard Communities and BGP Extended Communities. Members may tag their routes with the following to control policy via the route server.

The model is as follows:

If none of the above communities is present then the default behaviour is to advertise the prefix to all peers.

Prefix Validation

LINX is validating prefixes at ingress on all route servers. The validation is based on RPKI and IRR Object presence.

For RPKI validation we build a ROA table from IRR trust anchors and for IRR Object presence we build a list of valid origin ASN and prefixes based on route objects. Refines/more specifics of valid route objects are rejected.

We are looking for a valid AS-SET in the members PeeringDB record. If no valid AS-SET is found, we use the members ASN only, unless the member has provided us other information.

The results of the validation is reflected in communities which are being added at ingress:

  • 8714:65011 = Prefix is present in an AS's announced AS/AS-SET
  • 8714:65021 = Prefix is not present in an AS's announced AS/AS-SET
  • 8714:65010 = Prefix has valid Origin AS in AS-SET
  • 8714:65020 = Prefix has no valid Origin AS in AS-SET
  • 8714:65012 = Prefix is RPKI VALID
  • 8714:65022 = Prefix is RPKI INVALID
  • 8714:65023 = Prefix is RPKI UNKNOWN

The prefix validation will always occur, and members can check the communities being set to their prefixes, and as such see the result of the validation checks through the route server looking glass interface.

Prefixes will only be accepted on the following criteria where,

  1. Prefixes tagged with communities 8714:65010 (valid Origin AS in AS-SET) & 8714:65012 (RPKI VALID) or
  2. Prefixes tagged with communities 8714:65010 (valid Origin AS in AS-SET) & 8714:65011 (Prefix is present in an AS's announced AS/AS-SET) & 8714:65023 (RPKI UNKNOWN) .

All other prefixes will be filtered at egress.

Any member who prefers to receive an unfiltered set of prefixes can request to opt-out of the filtering by contact our NOC at

Looking Glass

Looking Glass for route-servers is now accessible.

Vendor Issues

Corrupt AS path & Malformed AS-Path issues

Some members who use Cisco, Brocade and Huawei devices to peer with may encounter issues in establishing peering sessions and may see notifications of invalid or corrupt AS path and Malformed AS-path in their device logs. Something similar to:

Sep 1 08:40:40.498 UTC: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Up
Sep 1 08:40:41.506 UTC: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Down BGP Notification sent
Sep 1 08:40:41.506 UTC: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: sent to neighbor 3/11 (invalid corrupt AS path) 11 bytes 40020802 033C3424 580097

This issue is caused where the peering device does not like to receive updates from the route-server where the first AS in the path is not the route-server AS.

To work around this please use one of the vendor specific commands in your router configuration.

router bgp <ASN>
no bgp enforce-first-as
bgp <ASN>
undo check-first-as


On all Juniper routers, we need to add addtional config to the peer configuration for v6 peerings only. This is based on a timing issue. The command we add is:

 neighbor [peer ipv6 address] timers 30 90

Please let us know if you have a Juniper router that you are connecting to the route-servers. If members are having trouble peering with the route servers please contact support.

For more information on Route Server statistics, please look at

Route Server Peers at LINX

NB: This page only lists established sessions

ASN Member Route Servers
0pen Fibre Networks Limited 48945 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
1&1 IONOS SE 8560 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
100 Percent IT 20915 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
23media GmbH 47447 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
24Shells Inc 55081 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
31173 Services AB 39351 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1 Ltd 41357 rs2.man1, rs1.man1
4D Data Centres Ltd 31463 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Aamra Technologies Limited 58601 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Academia Ltd 47704 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Acme Internet Ltd 51603 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Acorus Networks 35280 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Acronis Limited 202885 rs1.lon1
Adista 16347 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Advanced Wireless Network Co. Ltd. 45430 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Advania 30818 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Afilias Limited 12041 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
AFNIC 2484 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
AFR-IX Telecom 60171 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Airband Community Internet Ltd 203568 rs2.man1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Airbeam S.r.l. 50877 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Aire Networks del Mediterraneo S.L.U 29119 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Airtel Chad 327708 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Akamai Technologies, Inc. 20940 rs3.lon1, rs2.nva1, rs1.sco1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.nva1, rs2.man1
Akamai Technologies, Inc. 32787 rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Alibaba Cloud CDN (AliCDN) 24429 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Alibaba Group 45102 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Allied Telecom Group 22925 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Almaviva s.p.a. 29419 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Amatis Networks 34442 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Amito Ltd 60610 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Andrews & Arnold Ltd 20712 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH 42473 rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1
ANEXIO 64252 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Angola Cables 37468 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Anycast Holdings Pty Ltd 58511 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
APII.IO Limited 39070 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Aplikanusa Lintasarta 4800 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Apple Europe Limited 714 rs1.lon1
Aptum Technologies (UK) Limited 13768 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Aptus Solutions Limited 37349 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
aq Limited 33920 rs3.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1
Arrow Group Inc 20119 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Ask4 Limited 41230 rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1
Aspire Technology Solutions Ltd 51043 rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1
Associated Networks (UK) Ltd. ANLX 25061 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Astutium Ltd 29527 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Asympto Networks Kft. 39533 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
aTech Media Ltd 60899 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Atende Software 57811 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Atlantech Online 7784 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Atlas Business Group of Companies Plc 13005 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1
Atlas Communications 31641 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Atmoso Limited 56444 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Audatex UK Limited 50287 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Automattic 2635 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Avanti Communications 39356 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Avelacom Limited 31059 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
AVR Group Limited 42009 rs2.man1, rs1.man1
AXA Insurance UK plc 34746 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Axians Networks Limited 57228 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Backbone Connect Ltd 41107 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Bahnhof 8473 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Balkan Internet Exchange Ltd 59900 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Baltic Broadband Limited 203421 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Bandle City Internet LLC 23738 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited(BTCL) 17494 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Barritel Limited 59410 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Bayan Telecommunications 6648 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
BBC 2818 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
BBG Telecom 263276 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
BCS Group 37273 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Be Artis 2860 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Beeks Financial Cloud 206934 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Belgacom International Carrier Services 6774 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
BELNET 2611 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Bezeq International Ltd. 8551 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Bharti Airtel Ltd 9498 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
Bhutan Telecom Ltd 17660 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
BIT BV 12859 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Blacknight Internet Solutions Limited 39122 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Blix Solutions AS 50304 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Blizzard Entertainment, SAS 57976 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Block Solutions Limited 199706 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Bloomberg 10361 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Blue Face Limited 39233 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Blue Tiger Solutions 47480 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Bogons Ltd. 3213 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.sco1
Bogons Ltd. 201798 rs1.man1, rs2.man1 Limited 43996 rs2.nva1, rs4.lon2, rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Borwood International 29606 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Botswana Fibre Networks (PTY) Ltd 37678 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Boundless Networks Ltd 57099 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.man1
Brandwatch 60868 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Bridge Fibre Ltd 51055 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Brightsolid Online Technology Ltd. 5564 rs1.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Brightstar Ltd 42228 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) 58273 rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs2.man1
Broadcast Media Communications Ltd 200700 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Broadsoft Ltd 35180 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
BSO Network Solutions 31216 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Burstfire Networks Ltd. 9153 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Buz Broadband Ltd 51782 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
C.C.S (Leeds) Ltd 34555 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Cablenet 35432 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
CacheNetworks, LLC 30081 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Cadence Networks Ltd 47638 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Call Flow Solutions 48101 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Canadian Internet Registration Authority 55195 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Cape Connect Internet 37640 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Cassava Enterprises 198849 rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
CAT Telecom 4651 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CCANet 35838 rs2.man1, rs1.man1
CCP Games 35834 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
CDW Limited 201126 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Celeste 34177 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Cellcom Communications 1680 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Central Technology Ltd 57653 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CentralNic Ltd. 42044 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CentralNic Ltd. 199330 rs2.man1, rs1.man1
Centrilogic 44332 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Cerberus Networks Ltd 51918 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
CETIN a.s. 28725 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Charter Communications 7843 rs1.nva1
Charterhouse Voice & Data Plc 44503 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Chess ICT Limited 5500 rs3.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs1.lon1
China Telecom Global 23764 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
China Unicom Global Limited 4837 rs3.lon1
Choopa LLC 20473 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Chunghwa Hinet 9680 rs1.lon1
ChungHwa Telecom Co. 9505 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1 29446 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Chupicom Fureai Inc. 18283 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Cisco Cloud Web Security 25605 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
CITIC Telecom International CPC Ltd 3327 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Citrus Telecom 50468 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
CityLink Telecommunications 7850 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Civica UK Limited 15654 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Clearstream Group 59455 rs1.car1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
CloudCall 197669 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
Cloudflare Inc. 13335 rs1.man1, rs2.nva1, rs2.man1, rs1.sco1, rs3.lon1, rs1.nva1, rs1.lon1
Cloudhelix Limited 62227 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Clouditalia 15589 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Clouvider Limited 62240 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1 15447 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CMC Networks 25818 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Cobweb Solutions Ltd 15839 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
ColocationIX 61955 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
COLT Telecom Ltd. 8220 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Com Hem Holding AB 39651 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Communic8 Ltd 201354 rs1.car1
Community Fibre 201838 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Community Network Center Inc 9354 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CompuWeb Communications Services 15510 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
ConnetU 51945 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Connexin Ltd 199775 rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.man1, rs3.lon1
Continent8 14537 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Converged Communication Solutions 39522 rs1.sco1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Convergence Group Networks Ltd 41811 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.man1
Convergenze S.p.A 39120 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Cool Ideas Service Provider (Pty) Ltd 37680 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Core Backbone 33891 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Coreix Ltd. 31708 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Cork Internet Exchange 47720 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
County Broadband Ltd 51263 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
CreeperHost LTD 201971 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CSD Network Services Ltd 203851 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Currenex Ltd 17088 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Custodian DC Ltd 50300 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CXS Connected Enterprise 201933 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Cybersmart Ltd 36874 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
CYTA Cyprus Telecommunications Authority 6866 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
CZ.NIC 200070 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Dailymotion 41690 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Datacentres Ltd T/A Redraw Internet 31595 rs1.lon1, rs1.car1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Dataline LLC 35297 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Datanet co uk Ltd. 20799 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Datatech UK Ltd 47622 rs1.man1, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Defaultroute Limited 61081 rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2
Deutsche Telekom AG (ex Antel) 5588 rs1.lon1
Dhiraagu 7642 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Dialpad Inc. 63399 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Digital Realty 49425 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Digital Telecommunication Services 49605 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
DigitalOcean 14061 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Djibouti Telecom 30990 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
DNS Belgium 199670 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Dolphin Telecom 37613 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Domicilium (IOM) Ltd. 15766 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1
DOSarrest Internet Security 19324 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Dotmac Technologies Ltd 328160 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
DRD Communications Ltd 34967 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Dreamscape Networks FZ-LLC 38719 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Dropbox Ireland 19679 rs2.lon2
DuoDecad IT Services Luxembourg Sarl 34655 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
DVS Soft Ltd 201300 rs1.car1
E-via Spa 28716 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
E4A s.r.l. 34695 rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1
eBay 62955 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
Ecoband 327814 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Ecritel 8304 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Edge Gravity by Ericsson 47254 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
EdgeCast Networks 15133 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
EE Limited 12576 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
efar 59395 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Eggplant Networks 39335 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Eircom Group Plc 5466 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Electronic Communities Ltd 61337 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Eletronet 267613 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Elite 29611 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Eloquent Technologies 201277 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Emerging Markets Communications, Inc. 27822 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Emirates Integrated Telecommunication 15802 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Emizon Networks Limited 197529 rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Enet Telecommunciations Networks Limited 207044 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Entanet International Ltd 8468 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1, rs1.car1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.sco1
Enter 12850 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
EOH Mthombo (Pty)Ltd 37179 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Epsilon Telecommunications Ltd. 44356 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
EPT Luxembourg 6661 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Equinix 15830 rs2.man1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Equinix 21371 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Eswatini Post and Telecommunications Corporation (EPTC) 19711 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
EuNetworks GmbH 13237 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Evolink 8262 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
EWE TEL GmbH 9145 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
EX Networks Limited 35266 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Exa Networks Ltd. 30740 rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1
Exascale 61049 rs2.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs1.man1
Exatel S.A. 20804 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Excell Business Systems 8530 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Exonetric 12290 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Expereo 15695 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Extraordinary Managed Services Ltd 30827 rs3.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs1.lon1
Extreme Broadband 38182 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Facebook UK Ltd 32934 rs4.lon2, rs2.nva1, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.nva1
Faelix Limited 41495 rs2.man1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Faircape Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd 37363 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Farice ehf. 56704 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Fast4networks Ltd 48825 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Fastly 54113 rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1
Fastnet 43404 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
FastNet International Ltd 12519 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Fastrack Technology Pty Ltd 58580 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Fastweb 12874 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1 200052 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
FiberStar / PT Mega Akses Persada 136106 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
FidoNet Registration Services Ltd 8282 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
FirstNet Technology Services 328366 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
FlexGrid Ltd 202020 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Flexoptix GmbH 199121 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs1.sco1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs2.man1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Fluency Communications Limited 56595 rs1.car1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs1.man1, rs1.sco1
Forcepoint Cloud Limited 44444 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs2.nva1, rs1.lon1, rs1.nva1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Forte Telecom 263009 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Freethought Internet Limited 41000 rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.man1
Fujitsu Services 6779 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Future Publishing Ltd 20596 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Fuze 13896 rs1.nva1, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.nva1
G-Core Labs S.A. 199524 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
G.Network Communications 202596 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
G3comms Ltd 198781 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
G8 Telecomunicações e Serviços 28329 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Gaikai Inc 33353 rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Game Digital Ltd 21099 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Gamesys Ltd 44646 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
GBI HQ Cooperatief UA 200612 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
GCI Network Solutions Ltd 8851 rs2.lon2, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
GConnect 33941 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1
Gib Fibre 202087 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Gibtelecom 8301 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Gigaclear 56329 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Gilat Telecom Ltd 12491 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
GITGE 37529 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Glide 42689 rs2.man1, rs1.sco1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs1.car1, rs1.man1
Global Broadband Solution (GBS) 43256 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Global Cloud Exchange 15412 rs4.lon2
Global Radio UK Ltd 39202 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Global Transit Communications 24218 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
GlobalNet JSC 31500 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Globe Telecom 4775 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
GLOMAN SA 50311 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
GMCHosting 19186 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Go Internet Ltd 203649 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Google 15169 rs3.lon1, rs2-stj-jed1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs1.lon1, rs1-stj-jed1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
GRAJAUNET TELECOMUNICACOES 262632 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Gulfnet Communications Co 3225 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Gyron Internet Ltd. 29017 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
HERE Gobal BV 1248 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Hetzner Online GmbH 24940 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
HGC Global Communications Ltd 9304 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
High-Speed Universal Broadband Service C.I.C. 60241 rs1.sco1
Highland Network Limited T/A HighNet 57356 rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.sco1, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1
Highland Wireless & IT Solutions Ltd 51313 rs1.sco1
Highwinds Network Group Inc. 33438 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1
HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited (HKBNES) 9381 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Hometown Technologies 30274 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Host Virtual, Inc 36236 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
HostDime Limited 33182 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
HostUS Solutions 7489 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Hurricane Electric 6939 rs1.man1, rs1.sco1, rs2.man1, rs2.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.nva1, rs1.lon1
Hydra Communications Ltd 25369 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Hyperneph Ltd 9140 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Hyperoptic Limited 56478 rs2.man1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
I.T Communications Ltd 203416 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
I.T.Synergy Ltd 44314 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1 B.V. 49544 rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.nva1
iboss 202276 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Iceland Telecom 6677 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Icosnet 36891 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
ICTGlobe Management (Pty) Ltd 37239 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
ICUK Computing Services Ltd 51561 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
IDE Group Connect Limited 25577 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
IDNet 12496 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Ielo-Liazo 29075 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
iFog GmbH 34927 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
IG Index Ltd 30931 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
iLand 14127 rs2.man1, rs1.man1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Incapsula Inc 19551 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Incito Ltd 201506 rs1.sco1
Inclarity Communications 15773 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Infonas Ltd 51406 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Init7 (Switzerland) AG 13030 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Science 196844 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Integrated Digital Services (iDS) 197898 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Intel Corp UK Ltd 203724 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Intelvision LTD 36902 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Interaptus Limited 133372 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Intercity Technology 205402 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
InterCloud S.A.S. 197981 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Interfibra Telecomunicaciones, S.L 200738 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Internap Network Services 29791 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
International Bible Student Association (IBSA) 62244 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Internet Central Ltd 6717 rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Internet Connections 34270 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Internet for Business 8902 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.sco1
Internet Initiative Japan Inc 61215 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Internet Solutions (PTY) Ltd. 3741 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Internet Solutions T/A Optinet 10474 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. 33081 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Internetty Ltd 60255 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Intrado Cloud Solutions Ltd 47762 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Intuitiv Ltd 16174 rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Invesco UK Limited 14630 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Iomart Hosting Limited 20860 rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs2.man1
Iomart Hosting Limited 35425 rs3.lon1
IP Integration 39208 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1
IP River Ltd 62163 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
IP Serverone Solutions Sdn. Bhd. 45352 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
IP Wholesale Ltd 207195 rs1.man1, rs2.man1
IP-Max 25091 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
IP-Only Networks AB 12552 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
IPCortex Network Services 206405 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
IPswiTch Networks Ltd 16303 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
IPTP Networks 41095 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Istituto di Informatica e Telematica - CNR 197440 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
IT Professional Services Ltd 42010 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.man1
IT.Gate S.p.A. 12779 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Itility Limited 5587 rs2.man1, rs1.man1
ITS Technology Group Limited 41354 rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1
ITS Telecomunicacoes LTDA 28186 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
IX Reach 43531 rs2.nva1, rs1.sco1, rs2.lon2, rs2.man1, rs1.nva1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1
Jaguar Network SAS 30781 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
JSC TransTelecom 20485 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
JSK Severnoe Volokno 51028 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
JT (Jersey) Limited 8681 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
K3 Starcom 199481 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Kantonsschule Zug 34288 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
KCOM Group SPN 8897 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
KDDI Europe Ltd 6894 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Kentik Technologies, Inc. 6169 rs1.nva1, rs2.nva1
Kijiji International Ltd 41552 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Kingston Communications (HULL) PLC 12390 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Kingston Communications (HULL) PLC 206509 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH 48519 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
KPN 286 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Krystal Hosting Ltd 12488 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Layershift Limited 205072 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1
LDeX Connect Limited 47264 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
LeaseWeb Network BV 16265 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Leitwert GmbH 39063 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Lepida SpA 31638 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Liberty-izone Ltd 196881 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Life Servicos 28634 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Lightning Fibre Limited 207995 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Link 11 GmbH 34309 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Link IP Networks Ltd 201714 rs1.man1
Linode, LLC 63949 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Liquid Telecommunications 30844 rs4.lon2, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Livedrive Internet Limited 61012 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
LMAX Digital Exchange 39498 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Logicalis UK Limited 8950 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Lonsdale Network Services Ltd 198426 rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Lucid Networks Ltd 16315 rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Luminet Data Limited 5631 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Lyca Digital 328145 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
M-Tech Systems Ltd 203582 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
M12 Solutions Ltd 198440 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
M247 Ltd 9009 rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1
M247 Ltd 16247 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1
Magnet Networks 34245 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Magrathea 31084 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Main One Cable Company 37282 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Manx Telecom Ltd. 13122 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Marlink SAS 5377 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Marstons Telecoms Limited 61124 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Mauritius Telecom Limited 23889 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Media Network Services 44654 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs2.lon2
Megafon 31133 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Meltwater (UK) Ltd 202119 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Memset Ltd 50957 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Merula Ltd. 16353 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2
Metroset LLC 50923 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Micron21 Datacentre 38880 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Microsoft 8075 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs1.man1
Microtalk Europe Ltd 51823 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Misaka Network Inc 57695 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
MLL Telecom Ltd 199713 rs2.man1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs3.lon1
Mobile Telephone Networks (Pty) Ltd t/a MTN 16637 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
MTC Namibia 37009 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
MTS PJSC 8359 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Mythic Beasts 44684 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Naitways 57119 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Nask 15606 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Nasstar South Limited 39179 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
National Research Center Kurchatov Institute (KCOD KIAE) 59624 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Naver Business Platform 23576 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Nerim 13193 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Net Global srl 50316 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Net Support UK Ltd 201353 rs1.car1
Net&Com 263324 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
NetCologne GmbH 8422 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Neterra 34224 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Netflix Streaming Services International B.V. 2906 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
NetIX Communications Limited 57463 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Netnod 8674 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Netnorth Limited 25376 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.man1, rs3.lon1
Netplus.CH SA 15547 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Netrouting 47869 rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1
Netservers Limited 35826 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
Netskope UK Ltd 55256 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Netwise Hosting Ltd 60800 rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Network Platforms (Pty) Ltd 37497 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Netzquadrat 15594 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Neuronnexion 9036 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Newtel Ltd 13208 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Next Connex 51048 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Nexusguard Limted 45474 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
NFON AG 8878 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
NFOrce Entertainment BV 43350 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1 GmbH 1921 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Node4 Ltd 31727 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.man1
Nodemax Limited 60198 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Nomical Limited 205892 rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs3.lon1, rs2.man1
Nominet UK 8683 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Nominet UK 43519 rs1.man1, rs2.man1, rs1.nva1
Noraina Ltd 48305 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Nova hf 44735 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Novosco Limited 8789 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
NTA Ltd 41379 rs1.lon1
NTT Docomo Inc 9605 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
NuCDN LLC 23393 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Nuco Technologies Ltd 45014 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
O2 Broadband 35228 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Oakford Internet Services 206999 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Object Matrix Limited 200856 rs1.car1
OBTEL 44843 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Odyssey Systems Limited 204558 rs2.man1, rs1.man1
Oman Telecommunications Company 8529 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Ondanet ltd 262773 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
One Voice Software Ltd. 209568 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1 AS 51468 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Onecom Global Communications 51185 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Onyx Internet 6067 rs1.sco1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Ooredoo QSC 8781 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Oosha Limited 44981 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Open Peering 20562 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
OpenMarket Ltd. 42543 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Optimity Limited 57276 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Oracle Corporation UK Ltd 7160 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Oracle Corporation UK Ltd 31898 rs1.lon1
Orange Business Services 4004 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Orange Romania 8953 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
OrbitalNet 24916 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
ORIS TELEKOM 207534 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Oscar Music & Media Limited 47998 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
OTEGlobe S.A. 12713 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
OVH SARL 16276 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Packet Clearing House (PCH) 42 rs1.nva1, rs2.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.sco1
Packet Clearing House (PCH) 3856 rs1.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs1.man1, rs3.lon1
Packnet Limited 199516 rs2.man1, rs1.man1
PageBites Inc 36131 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd 17557 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Paratus Telecommunications Ltd 33763 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Partner Land-Line Communications Solutions LP 9116 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
PBX Hosting Ltd 50823 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
PCCW Global Networks (UK) PLC. 25178 rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
PGAS Telecommunications International Pte. Ltd 56258 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
PGi 39915 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
PhusionIM Ltd 58226 rs1.man1, rs3.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1
Piksel Ltd 30914 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Pilot Fiber, Inc. 46450 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Pine Media Ltd 202454 rs1.man1, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Pinnacom 44749 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Pixel Factory 32425 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Pixie Networks Ltd 41847 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Possibly Lizards Limited 200639 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Powerhouse Management, Inc. 22363 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Prime Tel Plc 8544 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Prime Telecom 39737 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
PrimeXM Networks (Cyprus) Ltd 199188 rs1.lon1
Produban Servicios Informaticos Generales S.L (UK Branch) 2134 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Proximus Luxembourg S.A. 56665 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Psychz Networks 40676 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
PT Jembatan Citra Nusantara 58500 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
PT Multidata Rancana Prima 58552 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
PT NAP Info Lintas Nusa 55818 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
PT Parsaoran Global Datatrans 138840 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
PT. Dwi Tunggal Putra 18059 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Public Internet Ltd 28792 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
PubMatic Inc. 62713 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Pulsant (Scotland) Limited 12703 rs1.sco1
Pure Blue Global Networks Ltd 57315 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Pure Broadband 201508 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Pure IP Limited 204264 rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Quantil Networks, Inc 54994 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Quantum Communications 47935 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Rackspace Managed Hosting 12200 rs1.lon1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1
Rascom ZAO 20764 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Razorblue Ltd 15692 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1
RCS & RDS S.A. 8708 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Red Matter Limited 206483 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Red Matter Limited 209635 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Redcentric Solutions Limited 13009 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Reliance Jio Infocomm UK Limited 64049 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
RETN Ltd. 9002 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
RingCentral UK 40627 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Riot Games Ltd 6507 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs1.lon1
RIPE NCC 25152 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
RIPE NCC 197000 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1 63927 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
rixCloud 64271 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
RM Education 5503 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Roblox, Inc 22697 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Rogers Capital Technology Services Ltd 36868 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
S3 Company Ltd 44901 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
SAINT ICT Consultants 328146 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Salesforce / SFDC EMEA Data Centre Ltd 14340 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Samsung SDS Co.LTD 6619 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Sargasso Networks 42579 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
SAS Global Communications Ltd 205917 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Saudi Telecom Company (STC) 39386 rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs2-stj-jed1, rs1.lon1, rs1-stj-jed1, rs2.lon2
Saxo Bank A/S 20681 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
ScanPlus GmbH 12399 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1 Ltd 28757 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Seaborn Networks 13786 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SEACOM 37100 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SectorSix 51409 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Secura Hosting Ltd. 29452 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Securebit AG 58057 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Securus Communications Ltd 59659 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SED Multitel srl 35574 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Selectel Ltd 49505 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Senet Technology Group 39175 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Sensical Services Ltd 59933 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Serbia Broadband 31042 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Servcorp UK Ltd 17978 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Served Up Ltd 35799 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Serverel 50245 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
ServerHouse Ltd 21472 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
ServiceNow 16839 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SG.GS 24482 rs2.lon2, rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2, rs2.nva1, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1, rs1.sco1
SI Group Co Ltd 59318 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SIA HomeTV Pro 9029 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Sify Technologies Ltd 9583 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Simply Transit 29550 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Simwood eSMS Limited 42353 rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
SIP Communications PLC 47631 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Sipartech 8309 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Sipcentric Ltd. 201473 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Sirius Technology SRL 60501 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SKY Cable Corporation 23944 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
SkyVision Global Networks Ltd 8513 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Slashme BV 25595 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Smile Communications (pty) Ltd 37122 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Soco Network Solutions GMBH 12759 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SoftLayer Technologies UK Limited 36351 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Sohonet 16164 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
SolNet Internet Solution Provider 9044 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Solway Communications Limited 199468 rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Sombha Solutions 328015 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Sota Solutions 31742 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
SpainWISP 8637 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Spectrum Internet Ltd 48294 rs1.car1
Spitfire Network Services Ltd 16082 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Spotify Limited 8403 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
SSE Telecoms 61231 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Staclar Inc 213189 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Starhub Ltd 4657 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Stella Telecom 16211 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Stellium Datacenters Ltd 206324 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Stichting NBIP-NaWas 200020 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Stream Networks Ltd 198736 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Sub 6 Limited 200083 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Subspace Communication LLC 32261 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Subtopia Ltd 42344 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1
Sungard Availability Services 15533 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Superonline Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S 34984 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Sure (Guernsey) Limited 8680 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Suretec Systems Ltd. T/A SureVoIP 199659 rs3.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs2.man1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2
SURFnet 1103 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Swedish Armed Forces 9201 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG 3303 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Symphony 132876 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Synextra Ltd 59778 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
SysComm Limited 56990 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
SysGroup Trading Limited 16376 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Talk Straight Group Limited 199335 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
TalkTalk 13285 rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Tampnet AS 200781 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Tashi InfoComm Limited 38740 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Telappliant 34066 rs2.man1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.man1
Telcom Networks Limited 31631 rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs3.lon1, rs2.man1
Telcotech Ltd 55329 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Telecom Egypt 8452 rs3.lon1
Telecom Malagasy 37054 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Teledata UK Ltd 43545 rs2.lon2, rs2.man1, rs1.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Telekom Malaysia Berhad 4788 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Telekom Romania Communications S.A. 9050 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Telekom Serbia 8400 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Telfy 42947 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Telin 7713 rs1.sco1, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1
Telkom SA SOC Limited 5713 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Telnyx 63440 rs1.nva1, rs2.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Telstra International Limited 4637 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Tencent 132591 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Tenet 2018 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Tenet 36944 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
TF Global Markets (AUST) Pty Ltd 134145 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
TFM Networks Ltd 34790 rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
TGL Services (UK) Limited 35551 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
The Internet Business t/a TIBUS 41678 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
The Networking People (TNP) Limited 25460 rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
The Voice Factory Limited 59439 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Think Systems UK Ltd 51159 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Three UK 206067 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Tiggee 16552 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Tirastel 1547 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
TISMI B.V. 62167 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
toob limited 60377 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
TOP-IX 41364 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Total Server Solutions LLC 46562 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2
Total Uptime Technologies LLC 53334 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Travel Jigsaw Ltd 203164 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Triple-T Internet Co.,Ltd. 45758 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Triton Digital Canada Inc. 13360 rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
True Internet Corporation Company Limited 38082 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Trunk Networks 49375 rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs2.man1, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Turk Telekom International AT AG 6663 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Twitch Interactive, Inc. 46489 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Twitter 13414 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
U!COM 8932 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
UK Broadband Ltd 29009 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
UK Servers 42831 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
UK-2 Ltd. 13213 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2 Limited 61323 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Ultra Networks 206078 rs3.lon1, rs1.sco1, rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs1.man1
Unitas Global Inc 1828 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Unity Software Ltd 35028 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Upcloud Ltd 202053 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
V Kontakte LLC 47541 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Vaioni Group 35575 rs3.lon1, rs1.man1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
Valve Corporation 32590 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Vanquish Global Trading 203231 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Veber Ltd 29006 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Vectra 29314 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
VeloxServ Communications Ltd 60945 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Vente-Privee 60350 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Venus Business Communications Limited 20952 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Verint Systems UK Limited 47999 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
VeriSign Netherlands BV 7342 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
VeriSign Netherlands BV 26415 rs1.sco1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Verizon Media (EMEA) Limited 10310 rs2.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.nva1
Versatel Nord GmbH 8881 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Viatel Ireland Limited 31122 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Viewqwest 18106 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Village Networks 204598 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
VimpelCom PJSC 3216 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Virginia Skywire 19919 rs1.nva1, rs2.nva1
Virtual Technologies and Solutions(VTS) 37721 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Virtual1 47474 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Vision247 Ltd 43323 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Vispa Ltd 29129 rs1.man1, rs2.man1
Vive Technologies 204258 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1
VMHaus Limited 136620 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
VNPT 45899 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Vodacom Pty Ltd 36994 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Vodafone Iceland Fjarskipti hf 12969 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Vodat International 50023 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Voiceflex Ltd 24594 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
VoiceHost Ltd 31472 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1
Voicenet Solutions Ltd 44965 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2
Voicenet Solutions Ltd 198554 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs4.lon2
VoIP Unlimited 42004 rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
Vooservers Limited 62217 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Vorboss Limited 25160 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Vostron Limited 41695 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Vox Telecommunications Pty Ltd 11845 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Voxility 3223 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
VTSL Limited 49415 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
VueTel Italia 200507 rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1
vXtream 29668 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Wananchi 15399 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Watershed Arts Trust 201261 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs1.car1
WaveCrest UK Ltd 34407 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Wavenet Limited 21267 rs3.lon1, rs2.man1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2
Wavenet Limited 34768 rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2
Wavenet Limited 44611 rs1.man1, rs3.lon1, rs2.man1, rs1.lon1
Waycom International 30889 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
We The Curious Ltd 201266 rs1.car1
Webmasters Lda 37697 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Webmate Internet Services Ltd 199204 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
Wessex Internet Limited 206347 rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1
WhiteHat 1 Limited 51999 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Wi-Manx 42455 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.man1
Wide FM Ltd 60670 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Wifinity 49158 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Wifirst 52075 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
WightFibre 60426 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Wildcard Networks 34119 rs1.man1, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Wind International Services S. p. A. 1267 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
WIOCC 37662 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Wirehive 56730 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Wirulink (Pty) Ltd 37564 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Wispone SRL 60822 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Wnet Telecom USA corp. 1820 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
WOW! Internet 12083 rs1.nva1
WPD Telecoms 50914 rs1.car1
Xantaro 203520 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Xfernet 27630 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1
Xfiber AS 8896 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Xoom Limited 35071 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
xTom 3214 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
xTom 6233 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Yandex 13238 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
York Data Services Limited 43013 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
YouFibre Limited 208632 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Zain Group 59605 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Zajil International Telecom 6412 rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Zen Internet Ltd 13037 rs1.lon1, rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs3.lon1
Zenlayer Inc. 8757 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Zenlayer Inc. 21859 rs2.nva1, rs1.nva1, rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Ziron (UK) Ltd 49344 rs1.lon1, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1, rs3.lon1
Zone Telecommunications T/A Zone Broadband 35437 rs2.lon2, rs4.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs3.lon1
Zoom Internet LTD 205389 rs3.lon1, rs1.lon1
Zscaler Inc 62044 rs1.man1, rs1.lon1, rs2.man1, rs2.lon2, rs3.lon1, rs4.lon2
Zycomm Electronics Limited 39875 rs2.lon2, rs1.lon1, rs1.man1, rs4.lon2, rs2.man1, rs3.lon1