RIPE 79 LINX Local Attendee List

Name Organization Job Title
Allie Karney GitHub
Livio Morina Airbeam Ceo
Raymond Jetten Elisa OYj Senior Network Engineer
Inga Turner LINX Limited Member Relations Executive
Aleksey Uchakin IQ Option Network team lead | Supplier relations manager
Jennifer Holmes LINX
Hervé Clément Orange / ASO AC Head of Naming, Addressing and Numbering Department
Olivier Benghozi Wifirst Head of Core Network
Colin Boekhout Megaport Interconnection Director
Ben Nicklin Limelight Networks Interconnection Manager
Cristian Galve Akamai Network Support Consultant
Sławomir Jabs Jabs Akamai Technologies Network Support Consultant
Edwin Punt Twitch Peering manager
Martijn Schmidt, a Ubisoft company VP of Network
Blake Willis Zayo Network Architecture & Interconnection
Guillaume Leclanche OVHCloud Head of Network Scale & Deploy
Zhi Jun Zhang Ubisoft
Steve Rodrigue Ubisoft / i3D Network Administrator
Roberts Miculens Evolution Gaming
Edgars Mucenieks Evolution Gaming
William Manzione RETN Product manager
Erick MWAURA Wifirst Network engineer
Romain Tournier Ubisoft International network administrator