Total LINX traffic flow

This graph shows the aggregated traffic across all LINX Peering LANs.

For more fine grained statistics along with separate views for the aggregated traffic flow per LAN you can visit the "Graph analysis" page available from the following link.

LINX offers a private interconnect (PI) service in London for large bilateral flows between members. This is on a passive infrastructure, with no direct measurement by LINX, but our members provide us with data on traffic flows on a voluntary basis. This indicates that more traffic is carried by the PI infrastructure (in LINX docklands sites) than is on the multilateral peering LAN in London, and that it is growing at a faster rate. We will be providing connections statistics about this service in a later iteration of this site.


Total LINX LON1 traffic flow

The LINX LON1 Peering LAN is the largest of our networks and is available at 16 different sites in London. Based on EVPN, it consists of Juniper MX10008 routers in the core, and Juniper MX960s as edge routers.


Total LINX LON2 traffic flow

The LINX LON2 Peering LAN is based on a disaggregated model that employs EVPN over VXLAN in a leaf-spine topology and is available at 11 different sites across London. It is using Edgecore Networks AS5812 and AS7712 switches running IP Infusion’s OcNOS network operating software.


Total LINX Manchester traffic flow

LINX Manchester is currently present in 4 different datacenters across Manchester, and is based on a disaggregated model that employs EVPN over VXLAN in a leaf-spine topology.


Total LINX Scotland traffic flow

LINX Scotland is based at the Pulsant South Gyle datacenter in Edinburgh and based on Extreme Networks X670/460 series switches.


Total LINX NoVA traffic flow

LINX NoVA is available at three different datacenters in Northern Virginia/USA. It is a VPLS network build using Juniper MX960 routers in each of the three sites.


Total LINX Wales traffic flow

LINX Wales is based in two sites in Wales, BT Stadium House in Cardiff and New Generation Data in Newport. The network is based on Extreme Networks X670/460 series switches.


Total JEDIX traffic flow

JEDIX is an open IX to connect all carriers, cloud and content providers in MG1 (MENA Gateway), a data centre operated by Saudi Telecoms Company.


Total LINX routes

The total number of IPv4 prefixes visible from the LINX Juniper LAN collector router

Other LINX provided graphs

LINX statistics from systems and sources other than the LAN switches